Course Transferability
The information in Transfer Credit Equivalencies is provided for the purpose of transfer planning and does not represent an official WMU credit evaluation, which is only provided after applicants are admitted. This equivalency information is subject to change without notice.

The transfer equivalencies are based on decisions made by academic departments at WMU. Since courses change at both the University and the colleges listed in TCE, prospective transfer students should periodically check for updates at both institutions prior to transfer. WMU grants transfer credit as semester hours. Courses with earned grades below "C" will not transfer to WMU.

Transfer credit notations and abbreviations
Course equivalents are indicated with a WMU course number listed on the right side in the Crs (course) column. If equivalence to an actual WMU course is not granted but the course receives transfer credit, the WMU Crs column will indicate CR (credit) and the title column will indicate Transfer Credit.

CBDRO appearing in the Crs column means students must provide specific information about class content to the corresponding WMU department before a decision can be made about transferability.

INACT (inactive) appearing in the in the Notes column means the course is not listed in the most recent community college catalog evaluated by WMU and it may not be offered. Old, discontinued courses are noted as inactive.

TGE appearing in the Subj (Subject) column is an abbreviation for Transfer General Education, indicating the course transfers as general education credit in the distribution area or proficiency shown in the Crs column. Distribution areas are indicated as D1 - D8 and proficiencies are indicated as P1 - P4(a-g).

TUN is an abbreviation used under Subj when courses are designated as CBDRO (explained above) or NOCR (no transfer credit).

AND appearing in the A/O column means both the WMU credit on the same line and that on the line above it are granted for the transfer course indicated on the left.

OR appearing in the A/O column means either the WMU credit on the same line or that on the line above it is granted for the transfer course indicated on the left.

Group (GRP) Code Key
Group codes indicate that a combination (group) of courses must be completed in order to receive the WMU transfer credit shown. GRP codes consist of a letter, explained below, and a number which identifies that specific group.

The letter indicates what type of credit is granted if only one of the grouped courses is transferred.

C = Transfer Credit (no equivalent course number) in the associated WMU department is granted, such as ART CR, IME CR, MATH CR, etc.

N = No credit is granted.

B = Credit by Departmental Recommendation Only (CBDRO) is granted.

How transfer credit is used
The applicability of transfer courses to WMU degree program requirements is determined when admitted students meet with their academic advisors at the University. For information about WMU requirements, see the current undergraduate catalog. To learn about the transfer admission process, see Transferring to WMU.

Per WMU's undergraduate catalog, students transferring from a two-year community college must complete a minimum of one-half of the academic work required in their WMU curriculum at an accredited four-year, degree-granting institution. Some WMU programs may limit the amount of transfer credit that can be applied toward major requirements. Grades earned in transferable courses are used to determine admissibility and are not transferred or recorded on the WMU transcript.

Current WMU students and transfer credit
Students currently in classes at Western should check with their academic advisors about the applicability of another college's courses before enrolling at that other institution.

If you cannot find a course or you need help
If a community college course is not listed here, it may be a new offering and not yet evaluated. For help with the status of such a course, please call the Office of Admissions at (269) 387-2000 and ask to speak with a credit evaluator.